Youth Exchange Program

The Newberg Rotary Clubs sponsor qualified high school sophomores that would like to participate in an educational and cultural youth exchange program.

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International Committee

Since the beginning of the club the Early Bird Rotary International Committee has been very active. In its first year the committee completed an international grant that helped an area in Central America that had been devastated by a natural disaster. This helped rebuild the hospital, school, and bakery. The project provided many job opportunities for women to work in the bakery while also providing care and education for their children.

From this early start a desire to help throughout the world was born.

Over the last decade, the International Committee has partnered with a club in La Plata, Columbia to provide long-term assistance to their community. Through partnering with the local Sherwood Rotary club on this project, both clubs have gained greater strength and more opportunities to serve. The International Community has been blessed to provide two parks, equipment to the hospital, stoves for daycare, turnouts for the firefighters, among others. The committee is currently working on a latrine project that would provide 48 septic systems, serving the needs of about 300 people in a microclimate along the side of a mountain. The Sherwood and Newberg Early Bird Club are also working on a global grant that should help fund a three to one investment by the local groups and the La Plata Club to fund the $70,000usd project.