Our Club

Who we are

We are an interactive, light hearted, fun loving club, yet we take serving and giving back very seriously. We engage in regular interaction as a group, with quarterly fellowship events that we Rotarians call Firesides, and spontaneous one-on-one interaction we refer to as Brunch Buddies.

We work together on a variety of projects. We tend to laugh a lot. We’ve developed friendships. We learn to trust each other as we share out efforts in service together, and out of that there are trust relationships and business interactions among club members with out various professions.We enjoy great breakfasts and excellent programs.

We have Fundraising events that we orchestrate each year raising the funds that allow us to engage in our service and support projects:

  • As Spring approaches, we pay the Newberg High School Horticulture Program to grow the beautiful Hanging Flower Baskets that we sell.
  • In the summer we participate in the community-wide Newberg Old Fashioned Festival, and join effort with out fellow Noon Club Rotarians with the renowned Pancake Breakfast in the Park.
  • Before Christmas we enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm of our own Christmas Auction.
  • Our latest fundraising endeavor is RotaChair, a project adopted by our club to fabricate, assemble, and sell a low cost, very durable, lightweight, and portable chair to be used around the world for medical and dental service projects. We offer RotaChairs to Mission Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Outreach Service Trips for Medical and Dental service projects around the world. RotaChair Build Parties are one of our most interactive activities.

Some of what we do

Kids Helping Kids, Homeless Shelter Meals (monthly), Roadside (SOLV) Clean Up, Holiday Food Baskets for families in need, SMART Reading Program, Habitat for Humanity builds, Smoke Detector Replacement Project, City Beautification Projects, Park and Playground Construction.

Things we’ve done

We’ve extended ourselves beyond our community and serviced internationally with a variety of projects: Tegucigalpa, Honduras; service in Guatemala; Hospital Kitchen and Community Baker in Arequipa, Peru; Musical Instuments in Campos Altos, Brazil.


We have participated in the design, funding and construction of the playgrounds at Hoover Park and the Rotary Centennial Park at the Chehalem Cultural Center; The Dundee Skate Park; Hess Creek Trail Work Project; Entrance to Downtown Newberg Marquee Sign; Cabin Renovation at 5 Rock Ranch; we are always looking for other projects.

With participation comes great benefit

You will experience fellowship with like-minded individuals, banded together for Service. You will thoroughly enjoy your opportunities to give back to the local and global community for what it has done to support you.

  • A better community and the knowledge that you are helping to build it.
  • A hope for world peace and the knowledge that you are helping attain it.
  • A design to end pverty in thes world and the knowledge that your efforts matter to someone somewhere.
  • A dream for better workld health and the knowledge that your legacy will be a workld that is cleaner and strong for your small part.
  • A passion for a more ethical world and the knowledtge that you are helping acheive it.

What is your passion? How would you like to serve your community? Can you invest the small amount of time to interact with like-minded men and women in your community? We would love to have you be a part of the Rotary Club of Newberg Early Birds.

Perhaps your schedule won’t allow you to commit at this time as a full-fledged member. You may be interested in supporting the efforts of our club either financially or volunteer to work with us on one of our many projects. We are continually adding to our network of Friends of Rotary. We truly value the strength added to our efforts by knowing there are others in the community that support our dedication to community service, and have confidence in the Ideals and Integrity of Rotary. Please track our projects and find out how you can give or serve by frequently checking our website.